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Break up with your duvet

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

Jaipuri Razai means “The Quilt of Jaipur.”   For over three centuries the magic of these quilts has been recognised by nomadic people of the deserts from Rajasthan. 

These 3 layered quilts, are made up of 2 outer layers of natural cotton fabric and the middle layer is filled with natural cotton wadding (not polyester fibres or down). So they are lightweight, breathable and have proven longevity (used for over 3 centuries people!). 

Cool in summer, warm in winter, perfect for in between. If they can be used in the dramatically changing temperatures of the Rajasthan desert, they’ll work if the air con is on too hot or too cold at your place! Long lasting natural materials that are easily transportable (roll them up and sling them over a camel). Try them, we promise, you’ll break up with your duvet.

Available now in our Jaipuri Razai and Bedding collection.