Style wars! How to find common ground and agree on a design style

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

Style wars agreeing on an interior design style

My Partner and I don't like the same things! How do we agree on a style?

Yep, there's a reason that shows like Love it or list it exist - it's hard to all be on the same page with our partner on what we like! So here's our thoughts...

There is always common ground! Focus on the shared love! Look for visual elements online (Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram) that you both like. It can be anything, a piece of furniture, a painting, a colour. Phew, you have a starting point. If you can find some recurring themes BOOM - you are set to design.

Say you both like Midcentury bookcases. Right, so now you have a focal point for your bedroom, lounge or office. You now know you like slim lines and wood details. You can head straight for vintage or shop at West Elm or Freedom for mid century vibes.

What can tie your differences together? This is where colour and finishes can help you out! You just need a PLAN for mixing stuff up so it looks cohesive and feels “right.”

If it’s a budget issue (we’ve all been here!), prioritise together what matters most to each of you. Find that middle ground! You may need to split the budget, across different spaces to find that happy compromise.

Cut through the noise! Sometimes there is just too much inspiration around and it all becomes overwhelming. Time to bring in a third party mediator (ie an interior designer!). We'll spot what you both like and wrangle into the style that fits you and your space! Good luck!