What's the deal with honeycomb, roller and roman blinds? How do I know which to use?

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

Here's the deal...every home has its own needs in terms of functionality, light control and of course personal taste! So window treatments are pretty personal. But here's what we think...

Curtains wherever you can!

Double track curtain

Where possible, we love floor to ceiling curtains on a double track (we still love a slim line, modern and WHITE square double track). Our go to is a sheer curtain in front with a lining behind on the back track This gives you ALL the functionality, you can easily adjust for the light, by just pulling a curtain!

Need extra insulation? Bumf it baby! Bumf is an interlining that feels thick and comfy (like a flannette nightie!) that goes in between your curtain lining, sandwiching in insulating goodness.

No room for curtains? If you have little wall space for stacking your curtains back or awkward high windows you have plenty of blind options with honeycomb, roller and roman blinds. Read on for when we think about the options...

Honeycomb blinds 

Honeycomb blind

Great when you need extra insulation (like pink batts for your window). These are highly functional and discrete which is great for that small high single glazed window in your bedroom. Usually more cost effective than shutters, honeycomb blinds are a practical choice for where your windows are draughty  and curtains are awkward.

Roller blinds

Linen look roller blind
Talk about functional - roller blinds can be installed behind a curtain as a blockout, filter the light and give you privacy.  Roller blinds are great on any window shape and size and come in plenty of non-plastic looking materials now! We like to use a white linen look blind on windows that are overlooked by other houses (our favourite blind swatch pictured).

Roman Blinds

Our favourite of the blind options...

roman blind

Roman blinds are great in a statement fabric and  look and work so well on a high narrow window coordinating with your curtain fabrics.  Roman blinds may cost you more and you will have to train the fabric to sit properly (a few up and down pulls andit remembers what you are trying to tell the fabric!). Well worth it for the elevated look roman blinds give your room we reckon. 

So that's our lowdown on blinds! Get in touch if you're struggling with the best options for your windows. We work with expert window treatment professionals to create the best solution for your windows.