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Which white? Here's our favourite Resene Whites for your home

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

Which white? Fashion had a big part in all things colour/ trends (right now, it’s all about the warm whites). But the right white really comes down to you, and what YOU want. But since you’re asking! Here's a few whites we like...

Which white paint colour

Our go to is Resene Alabaster, it's about as neutral as it gets, not too grey, not too cream, just right. It's a crisp white, so for rooms with loads of lovely light.

For a sharper more architectural look (think new build, square set ceilings, with modern trim detailing, Resene Black White is super popular.

If you have a darker home, or want a white paint for a south facing room, we like a warmer white like Resene Bianca. We used this very successfully in a 1930s Wellington Bungalow. We used Quarter Bianca on the ceiling and trims, and Half Bianca on the walls. Yummy with this older house with lots of wood.

Our best advice is to paint large A4 or even better A3 swatches of the colour and move them around the room, they will look different in each room and in the different lights. Swipe to see difference the background & light take on the same 3 draw downs.

The paint companies have some great "cheat sheets" about choosing white paint.

You can get "drawdowns" from the paint shop or online. Move these around the rooms, at different time to test.