Why we love hand block printing and Kantha

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

Authentic, original design! Generations of artisan printers in Rajasthan, work from their villages using their skills to create art. This brings income and employment to rural areas and their craft is passed down through the generations. Grass roots, fair trade and sustainable.

Our palm tree kantha textiles are made using natural dyes and block printed onto cotton fabric. Wood blocks are hand carved, dipped in colour and stamped HARD onto fabric. Stamping the same pattern each time, with the different colours and wood block stamps as needed. All by eye. Smudges and colour fade, are all the unique joy of these hand printed products.  

Bagru, Rajasthan is a small village buzzing with crafts people who have set skills that they pass down generations. Master carvers make the wood blocks. Master block printers handprint the fabrics. Master mixologists create the natural dyes, including the vibrant indigo in our Indigo blues quilt and Bagru quilt.

Dabu printing is an ancient hand block printing technique that is being revived by the artisans in Rajasthan (hooray!). A type of mud resist printing, it’s labour intensive, involves loads of steps and stages of washing, printing and hand dying using organic colours.  We just love the softness that the mud resist dye process gives in colour. Eco friendly, chemical free and 100% amazing.

Kantha stitching is a form of embroidery, traditionally used to stitch recycled saris together and turn them into household bedding. A simple running stitch, the Kantha hand stitch is not knotted at either end, so loose stitches may show. GREAT, it is original just like you. 

There is just so much to love with block printed and hand stitched textiles we are excited that we get to share some of the magic with you.