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Pali passionfruit planters

From the kids room disguising the toys, or as a planter on the deck, these Pali pasionfruit planters are colourful, versatile goodness! Use as a planters, storage container, or decoration. 

Each planter is handwoven from reused pallet strapping and recycled plastic. The frame is made from bamboo and rattan purchased from local farmers.  Made to last, these baskets are sturdy. Although waterproof, we suggest using them indoors.

 Pali Baskets are ethical and direct trade. The Burmese traditional weaving methods have been passed down for generations. Pali directly contributes to the well-being of remote villages in Myanmar and the entire community.  Baskets are individually handmade and the weavers work in the comfort of their own homes and paid a fair wage. How amazing are Pali!