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Flexible Returns

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Size chart

Our bedding is flexible and generous. For specific sizing click here


Sometimes there are more imperfections from the natural dye process than we would like. This is a bonus for you! Your bedding will come with a bonus "Second" pillowcase as packaging. A few extra stray dye marks and smudges won't change how lovely our cotton pillowcases are to sleep under! 

We use cellulose tape and recycled boxes where we can. 

What is Kantha

Kantha stitching is a form of embroidery, traditionally used to stitch recycled saris together and turn them into household bedding. A simple running stitch, the Kantha hand stitch is not knotted at either end, so loose stitches may show.

How are the quilts made

Our bedding is pieced together from hand printed fabric. All of the kantha covers have a seam down the middle (so neatly stitched it is incredible!). This is due to the width of the hand printed fabric. No two kantha quilts are ever exactly the same. GREAT, it is original just like you. Find out more here


We love handmade. Here's why.