Hey there! Let me help you to transform your home with colour, creativity and excellent space saving solutions. Interior design services for YOUR budget and your unique space.

E-Design Service

What is e-design? 

So glad you asked! E-Design is my awesome way of delivering interior design from my home straight to your inbox. The fixed rate e-design packages are perfect for those of you who want to DIY your project, but need help bringing together your vision with a plan to achieve your dream space. I help bring your ideas to live with a cohesive plan for you to implement in your own time, to your budget. 

How it works! Easy...

 1. The first step is to purchase one of our packages.

2. From there, I'll send you through a questionnaire to complete, so I can find out more about your project, your budget and your goals for the room design. 
3. You'll then send through pictures of your space and the room measurements.  If you have a Pinterest board, or inspirational images, I would love to see those as well. 
4. I will then make a time to chat via email, phone or video - whichever you prefer. You take me through the space and we have a virtual consultation.
5. I put together a design concept for you to implement in your own time, to your budget.

I put this together in an easy to read PDF digital file with a bespoke design concept, ready for you to implement the design in your own time.  

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