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Mustard wildflower kantha quilt

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Cottage core goodness with our mustard wildflower kantha quilt. This lightweight cotton coverlet is two layers of reversible handstitched cotton. So versatile, these quilts are great as an extra layer on your bed, replacing the duvet in Summer or snuggling while you are binge watching tv. Mustard flowers with coral pink leaves. Blue leaves and stem. White on reverse. 

Stitching is blue and white. Hand block printed on 100% cotton and then hand stitched onto a second layer of plain cotton.

Wood blocks are hand carved, dipped in colour and stamped HARD onto fabric. True art. 

Queen size 220cm wide x 270cm length approx. It will fit a king if you  turn the quilt sideways. See our bedding chart for more info.

Ethically made in India. 

Check out our youtube channel to watch behind the scenes magic.

Wash me

Wash me gently in cold, by hand or machine. Bleach is not cool.  Line dry in shade. Your neighbours will love the view. 

Handmade variation.

Your textiles may vary slightly in colour and stitching, from the photos. This is because the cool artisans in Rajasthan have been hand making this, especially for YOU. It is unique.

It is hand block printed, which is a handmade variable process. Smudges, colour fade, all the unique joy of your hand printed product.

The Kantha hand stitch is not knotted at either end, so loose stitches may show. GREAT, it is original, just like you.