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Block print tree free notebook- mini

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This Handmade paper notebook mini is made from 100% cotton textile waste. This tree free paper notebook comes with attached string tie that doubles as a bookmark, to create the sweetest way to draw or note down your thoughts.

Cotton recycled rag paper is super strong, durable, long lasting, and absorbs ink better than paper made from wood pulp (save the trees!).  

Plus you are supporting artisans in traditional methods of paper making and block printing. Hooray!

Length 12.5 cm approx.

Width 8 cm approx.

Handmade variation.

Your textiles may vary slightly in colour and stitching, from the  photos. This is because the cool artisans in Rajasthan have been hand making this, especially for YOU. It is unique. 

Our textiles are made using natural dyes and block printed onto cotton fabric. Wood blocks are hand carved, dipped in colour and stamped HARD onto fabric. Stamping the same pattern each time, with the different colours and wood block stamps as needed. All by eye. Smudges and colour fade, are all the unique joy of these hand printed products.