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Green jewel palm tree all rounder

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The green jewel all rounder is a tablecloth but so much more! Flexible around the table, we love it on the bed, as a bedspread, use as a picnic blanket or throw... ooh and it would be so good made into curtains.  This is the most versatile textile in your homewares kit; use it wherever you need a palm tree.

Hand dyed using natural dye and hand block printed on 100% cotton.  

Rectangular, 8 - 10 seater 180cm x 280cm approx.

Ethically made in India.

Wash me

Wash me gently in cold, by hand or machine. Bleach is not cool.  Line dry in shade. Your neighbours will love the view. 

Handmade variation.

Your textiles may vary slightly in colour and stitching, from the  photos. This is because the cool artisans in Rajasthan have been hand making this, especially for YOU. It is unique. 

Our palm tree textiles are made using natural dyes and block printed onto cotton fabric. Wood blocks are hand carved, dipped in colour and stamped HARD onto fabric. Stamping the same pattern each time, with the different colours and wood block stamps as needed. All by eye. Smudges and colour fade, are all the unique joy of these hand printed products.