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Palm tree wood printing block

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Our large palm tree wood printing blocks bring all the tropical artisan vibes to your decor. Hang on the wall or use as part of a vignette. If you are arty this is a real wood printing block and ready to block print!

Our palm tree blocks have been hand carved by master carvers,  using small chisels to tap out the intricate design.  Labour intensive, and highly skilled these blocks are used to create the beautiful bedding we stock. 

Tradtionally, wood blocks are hand carved, dipped in colour and stamped HARD onto fabric. Stamping the same pattern each time, with the different colours and wood block stamps as needed. All by eye. Smudges and colour fade, are all the unique joy of hand printed products.  

Bagru, Rajasthan is a small village buzzing with crafts people who have set skills that they pass down generations. Master carvers make the wood blocks. Master block printers handprint the fabrics. Master mixologists create the natural dyes, including the vibrant indigo in our Indigo blues quilt and Bagru quilt.

This authentic block is best suited to printing in one colour print. 

Size 25cm length x 16cm width (approx). Made of sagwan (teak) wood.

Handle made of soft wood.