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Shibori circle queen reversible kantha quilt

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Shibori circle queen kantha fully reversible handmade quilt.

This large queen size quilt is two layers of lightweight goodness.  Generations of craft skills have been passed down to create this tie dye magic. So versatile, it can be used on your wall, your bed, or for snuggling on the couch. We've put on table for styling. Do this if you don't use your table often!

Hand dyed and hand stitched on 100% cotton. We just love vibrancy that the indigo dye process gives in colour. Eco friendly, chemical free and 100% amazing.

Shibori is a resist dye technique originating in Japan.  For 5000 years, artisans in India have been using various resist dye techniques.  It’s labour intensive, involves loads of steps and stages of washing, hand printing and hand dying. 

225cm x 270cm approx. Photographed on king size bed and 8 seater table. Use as table cloth for styling only, dining off it isn't recommended.

Ethically made in India.

Wash me

Wash me gently in cold, by hand or machine. Treat this like your blue jeans. Bleach is not cool.  Line dry in shade. Your neighbours will love the view. 

Handmade variation.

Your textiles may vary slightly in colour and stitching, from the  photos. This is because the cool artisans in Rajasthan have been hand making this, especially for YOU. It is unique. The Kantha hand stitch is not knotted at either end, so loose stitches may show. GREAT, it is original, just like you.