Hello 2023 - interior design trends to ignore or embrace. Your home, your style!

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

2022 was a year of rest, reset and reinvigoration according to the interior design gurus. This meant lots of green, beige and squiggly shapes in reality!

2022 interior design trends

Mirror Ruby Images via Pinterest.

2023 continues with lots more greenery and nature inspired spaces, slightly darker woods, and an art deco influence (the wallpaper and fabric books started introducing this trend in 2022 - but sometimes it takes a year or so to connect!).

In terms of colour, reds in all shades are coming back into fashion (and stores). Pantone colour of the year is Viva Magenta - a red shade much like my favourite Revlon lipstick on the '80s! 

2023 interior design trends

Cushions and throws Weave Home, Wallpaper Folies collection Aspiring Walls

Of course a trend only works if it fits your own asthetic & the other elements in your home. So you do you! Life is a collection of moments, make your home part of those good ones.