Here's our top tips to fix your bedroom.

Posted by Rebecca McDonald on

Let's redo your bedroom!

Often we know when something isn't working. A room can just niggle at us; it doesn't have the feeling we are after and it just isn't functioning for us. If this is your bedroom, it's time to fix it.

Start with a plan

1. Think about what do you do in your bedroom (apart from the obvious). Do you watch tv, read, sit and have cups of tea, dress, use it as a "parents retreat?"

Write these down, as this will help you decide what kind of lighting and extras you need in your room other than your bed. 

bed styling cushions and throws

2. What are all the lovely things about your room?

Often the to do list takes over and you forget to highlight the good things and it might be an easy switch to move your bed to another wall.

Or sort out your clutter so you can admire your bedside table or just enjoy the nice light the room may have.

bedside table lamp headboard

3.  Are you missing some good stuff that will make it all ok?

  • You need a comfy mattress. If it's lumpy or uncomfortable try turning it. If that doesn't fix it, it maybe it's time to upgrade. The experts reckon your mattress should be replaced every 6-8 years. 
  • Have you got a good mirror? Mirrors are excellent, not only to help you get ready but to bounce light around your room. Using them across from artwork or wallpaper is a lovely thing to see in the background.
  • How's the storage situation. Never enough right! Shop your home for double duty elements like tea trolleys, ottomans, benches, chairs - anything extra you can stack, store and use to help with the extra clothes, books, accessories etc. 
  • How's the light? You need something to block out all the light for sleep and privacy. 
  • Have you got the right lamps and overhead lighting for reading, getting ready and lounging. Think about what you do in your room. If you watch tv, think about glare and adjustable window treatments and lighting. 
  • Does the room need a paint? Or a wallpaper feature or even paneling. All of these details are quick and easy to do yourself or with a handyperson. Elevate that boring room with something that makes you smile.

wallpaper abstraction fabric mokum bed styling

4. Now, you know what you need to do! 

Remember, second hand is great for adding character and interest, you don't need to buy everything new (except for your mattress). 

bedroom styling bedding lamp art throw

If you need help pulling it altogether, get in touch, we can create a space you love.